Rate your manager: find out how your manager compares to others on this FREE test of leadership character, developed by the Turknett Leadership Group

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How does your manager compare to others? 
Directions: Below is a series of statements that may or may not describe your manager's behavior .  Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the statement as it applies to your manager by "clicking" on the appropriate response.  There are no right or wrong answers, so please respond truthfully.  Do not think too much about your answer - go with your first impression. 
 My Manager...
Moderately    Agree  No   
Moderately    Disagree  Strongly Disagree 
1. Is willing to share personal failures. SA MA NO MD SD
2.Has a self assured bearing. SA MA NO MD SD
3. Maintains composure during times of stress, pressure or disagreement. SA MA NO MD SD
4. Takes the ball and runs with it, even when there are obstacles. SA MA NO MD SD
5. Tells the truth even when it is difficult. SA MA NO MD SD
6. Is respectful of other people even when there is nothing to gain from the relationship. SA MA NO MD SD
7. Always does what he/she says he/she will do. SA MA NO MD SD
8. Evades responsibility; blames policy or management. SA MA NO MD SD
9. Understands the dynamics of the entire organization, not just his/her functional area. SA MA NO MD SD
10. Experiments and takes risks even when there is a chance of failure. SA MA NO MD SD
11. Under pressure, is confident he/she will figure out a solution. SA MA NO MD SD
12. Remains calm even in situations when others get angry. SA MA NO MD SD
13. Willing to address performance issues with others. SA MA NO MD SD
14. Does not brag or name drop. SA MA NO MD SD
15. Avoids unproductive confrontation between self and others. SA MA NO MD SD
16. Rarely loses temper. SA MA NO MD SD
17. Does not fault other people or departments when the "going gets tough." SA MA NO MD SD
18. Cultivates relationships with other groups and functions. SA MA NO MD SD
19. Is not afraid to try out new approaches to solving problems. SA MA NO MD SD
20. Communicates excitement, enthusiasm, and passion for the company as a whole and its goals. SA MA NO MD SD
21. Follows through on commitments. SA MA NO MD SD
22. Does not exhibit a "us vs. them" mentality. SA MA NO MD SD
23. Is straightforward and willing to say what he/she thinks. SA MA NO MD SD
24. Is consistent in word and deed. SA MA NO MD SD
25. Looks for a scapegoat in a crisis. SA MA NO MD SD
26. Considers the impact of decisions on other departments and groups. SA MA NO MD SD
27.Welcomes suggestions and feedback for improvement. SA MA NO MD SD
28. Is able to manage anxiety in difficult situations (e.g. in giving a speech or giving unwanted feedback). SA MA NO MD SD
29. Takes the initiative to get things done. SA MA NO MD SD
30. Is willing to compromise on a decision when appropriate. SA MA NO MD SD
31. Treats all company personnel as his or her equals. SA MA NO MD SD
32. Shows genuine concern for others. SA MA NO MD SD
33.Is not defensive when questioned about mistakes. SA MA NO MD SD
34. Decisions are focused on what is good for the organization, not just what is good for his/her group. SA MA NO MD SD
35. Considers the impact of decisions on all departments. SA MA NO MD SD
36. Backs down when he or she ought to stand firm. SA MA NO MD SD
37.Spends time fixing problems, not assigning blame. SA MA NO MD SD
38. Listens attentively to what others have to say. SA MA NO MD SD
39. Can understand others' points of view, including views of those who are different. SA MA NO MD SD
40. Admits fault, when appropriate. SA MA NO MD SD
41. Demonstrates confidence in his/her ability and judgment. SA MA NO MD SD
42. Accepts responsibility for own actions. SA MA NO MD SD
43.Shares information across the company. SA MA NO MD SD
44.Is not afraid to try something again when he/she has failed at it before. SA MA NO MD SD
45."Walks the talk" -- has strong values and lives by them. SA MA NO MD SD
46. Helps people see how their job or effort contributes to the company's success. SA MA NO MD SD
47. Resolves disagreements in an open and productive manner. SA MA NO MD SD
Additional Information 
Please complete the additional information form below. This information is used for research purposes only.  Your responses are optional in this section but are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and input.
Directions: Please place a "check mark" beside each statement that applies to you.
Fired or laid off job in last year.
Enjoy working in teams.
Quit job in last year.
Very productive employee.
Often absent from work.
Feel in control of your life.
Satisfied with job.
Have high self esteem.
Frequently involved in work related accidents.
Prefer structured over unstructured tasks.
Used illegal drugs.
Motivated to work because of security (e.g. pension, benefits etc.)
Stolen company property in the last year.
Motivated to work because of friends, work relationships etc.
Experience frequent back pain.
Motivated to work to achieve success.
Experience frequent headaches.
Motivated to work to reach your full potential.
Experience frequent colds or respiratory problems.
Motivated to work because of money earned.
Experience frequent stomach problems.
Good at sales.
Smoke tobacco.
Good at customer service.
Drink more than seven alcoholic beverages a week.
An effective leader.
Often have trouble concentrating.
Enjoy playing sports.
Often feel depressed.
Prefer solitary activities.
Very happy with life.
Prefer to lead rather than follow.
Energetic, happy and healthy.
Would prefer to work within a union rather than non-union workplace.
Deeply love significant other.
Declared bankruptcy or bad credit history.
Honest with others.
Committed a felony.
Enjoy work related travel.
More than one traffic violation in the last year.
Job Specific Questions:  Please answer the following questions as they apply to your position.
1. Compared to your co-workers in your organization with your same job description, how do you rank in overall effectiveness?
2. Regardless of your feelings toward your organization, Manager or coworkers, how satisfied are you with your job?
3. How many promotions and/or raises have you received since you started with your current organization?
4. During your last performance review, what kind of evaluation did you receive from your supervisor/Manager?
5. IF you are in SALES or involved in selling products/services: What percent of your job duties involves the selling of a product(s) or service(s)?
6. IF you are in SALES or involved in selling: How much do you enjoy selling products/services?
7. IF you are in a CUSTOMER SERVICE position or a position that involves interacting with customers: What percent of your job duties involves interacting directly with customers?
8. IF you are a MANAGER or SUPERVISOR: Compared to your peers in your organization at your position, how do your subordinates rank in productivity/effectiveness?
9. IF you are a MANAGER or SUPERVISOR: How well regarded or esteemed are you by your subordinates?
General Comments: Please take a moment to tell us anything else about yourself which you would like to share, or what additional products or services we could provide you in the future. Please be brief.